7 Sexy Things to Try with Everyday Household Items

Find kinky DIY options where you least expect them, around your own home.

If you’re looking to spice things up a little in the bedroom, you don’t have to rush downtown to the sex shop to incorporate toys into playtime. Plenty of everyday household items are ready to be used in your next kinky scene.

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Imagine tearing off your belt in a fit of passion, bending your partner over your knee and showing them the business end of that leather band. Could be hot, right?

To use your belt for impact play—that is, a proper spanking—hold the belt buckle and the tail in your palm, doubling up the leather to make something of a handle. Aim for the buttock and thighs, avoiding sensitive regions like the low back, face and neck. If you are feeling particularly sadistic, strike the chest, inner thighs or bottoms of the feet.

You can also use your belt for bondage: a quick pair of handcuffs, leg binders, hogties and so on. You can even place it around your partner’s hips so you have a handle to grab hold of during doggy-style intercourse.

Spatula (and other paddles)

Another great way to make an impact is with a good, old-fashioned paddle—you know, like the kind fraternities use to haze college freshmen. When you don’t have a wooden paddle at the ready, grab your spatula.

Myriad household items can be used as makeshift impact toys: ping-pong paddles, the back of a hairbrush, a thick textbook, a wooden spoon.

Of course, if none of these objects do the trick, you can always use your bare hands.


Want to really get into the moment? Tie a bandana around your partner’s head like a blindfold. When blindfolded, a new awareness is brought to their body, increasing arousal and allowing for a true focus on your touch.

A bandana also makes a great mouth gag. Tell your partner to open wide and stick the center of your bandana in their mouth, tying the ends tightly behind their head. If you go this route, make sure you establish nonverbal safe words so you can stop at any point without having to remove the gag.


Burn a soy candle during foreplay so by the time you’re getting hot and heavy, the candle will have melted a bit. When the time is right, hold the candle a few feet above your willing partner and pour the hot wax onto their skin. The wax will harden as it hits the cool surface of their skin, creating a delightfully painful sensation for your partner.

This trick comes with some safety advice. Avoid colored candles, as the dye can change the melting point and make things hotter than you like. If all you have are beeswax candles, skip it; melted beeswax is known to burn the skin. The next time you’re in the store, look for soy candles because they cool quickly on contact with the skin.

Of course, be cautious of highly flammable materials and keep water (not cold) nearby.


If hot candle wax seems a bit too intense, try raising some goosebumps on your partner’s skin with an ice cube. Delicately run the ice along their erogenous zones and get ready to watch them squirm.

Playing with ice can be a soothing way to follow up impact play. If you spank your partner’s bottom red, they might enjoy the refreshing feeling of the cool ice on that tender area. There is a lot of fun to uncover here. Just remember to lay down a towel first—play can get wet.


You don’t need to be handy with knots to restrain your partner in bed, though that can be a lot of fun, too. Simple masking tape can do the trick.

Avoid using tape with harsh additives that will stick to the skin, such as duct tape, and opt for a brand that only sticks to itself. You can even buy special bondage tape at most sex shops if you’re able to schedule the occasion and have time to browse.

Try binding your partner’s wrists over their head, or bind their ankles to their wrists, or tape their hands behind their back. Putting them in this vulnerable position can open the door to a whole bunch of naughty possibilities.


Last, but certainly not least, is the tried-and-true necktie. This is probably the most versatile tool in your arsenal. Use your necktie as handcuffs, a blindfold or a mouth gag. You can take a bunch of them and tie your partner’s limbs to the bedposts. You really can’t go wrong.

If you want to upgrade and tie your partner with something more substantial, try cotton clothesline (possibly with clothespins), or silk, hemp or jute ropes. These natural fibers will get the job done without irritating your partner’s skin.

These pervertables are a great idea for your next date night at home, but how you use them is entirely up to you and your partner. Whatever you decide to do, make sure to discuss any of the risks involved with your desired play.

Once you’ve put that on the table, you’re ready to get things going and have some fun.

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