Role Play Your Way into Date Night

It’s fall, the schedules are full, the kids are back in school and our free time is…gone. And finding time for each other, let alone time for planning some, ahem, memorable (mind-blowing) time together is also…gone!

“With a few simple and bite-sized steps, suddenly what was once perhaps all the way off the list may just shoot up to the top. After all, mixing it up can be a great way to clear the channel for all kinds of fun.”

Ok, what you’re about to read may take a moment to process, but we assure you, what we’re suggesting isn’t anything we wouldn’t do ourselves (remind us to tell you about the time we dressed up in a cheerleading outfit after a four-course meal. We can barely get through that one without a good laugh-cry).

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Your mission, should you choose to accept it: role play your way into an unforgettable date night.

With a few simple and bite-sized steps, suddenly what was once perhaps all the way off the list may just shoot up to the top. After all, mixing it up can be a great way to clear the channel for all kinds of connection fun.

Follow along at absolutely no risk…

Set the tone

Deliver a message for their eyes only with the Lovebox, a little box that sets your romantic messages apart from countless texts, unread emails, and notifications on your partner’s phone. Send a slightly suggestive note to your lover reading, “Come to the rendezvous point at 9 p.m.” Drop a pin so they know just where to go, and continue with, ”I’ll be the one wearing a little bit of lace.”

It should be clear that, under no uncertain terms, it is on.

Dress the part

It’s important to try to wear something you wouldn’t usually wear—even if it’s a different lipstick or your hair pulled neatly back into a chignon. The simplest additions or adjustments can signal a shift in your energy.

So slide into something extra seductive, like this lacey slip from Samantha Chang. Made with soft-to-the-touch lace, this gorgeous slip hugs every curve in all the right places, and the muted purple hue flatters every skin tone. Wearing this number under a little black dress will make you look and feel like a total femme fatale.

But wait, we can’t forget to accessorize.

Finish the look with the Leather Lacelike Cuffs from Zalo & Upko, an empowering accessory designed with beauty in mind. Just the sight of the leather will elicit excitement from the possibility of what it can accomplish—around your hands or theirs.

Try them out by wearing them tucked under a blazer. Knowing you have a little naughty secret cuffed around your wrists might make you blush. But don’t worry, the bartender will think you’re flush from the cocktail.

Create memories somewhere new

Meet at a bar inside a hotel. Be sure it’s a place you won’t run into anyone you know. When it comes time to “seduce your contact,” you can easily withdraw to privacy. It will also be nice to get away from your usual surroundings.

Once alone, slip into something a little more comfortable, like this silk kimono. This effortlessly sensual take on the boudoir classic is truly something to behold. Paired with the slip hiding underneath, you will transform into a feast for the eyes.

Programming note:

It is important to thoroughly discuss every detail of your role-playing scenario before entering into it. Setting expectations and boundaries in advance will allow you to completely let go during playtime.

Talk through each part of the night and make sure you are both on the same page. If you’re taking on new personas, be sure the other is comfortable with the scenario.

Trust us, there’s a lot of fun to be had, but only if you’re both in on it.

And most importantly—relax and have fun with it. 

What to do next…

To complete the mission, hand the remote to your partner. Whisper in their ear “You know what to do with this.” If you want to add to your fun, pair the cuffs with OhMiBod’s Club Vibe 3.0H. This compact vibe is made with sound-controlled vibration and is designed to hide in plain sight. Both of these toys are as discreet as they are delightful. Together, they are the perfect addition to your arsenal.

And, if you make it through one round of drinks before you snap back into reality—nice work. But if you make it through the night, well, maybe you’ve discovered a whole new world of play—and, who doesn’t love a little more play?

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